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Make changes to what you eat and drink

Taking steps to make heart healthy eating and drinking choices is a great way to manage your risk factors, look after your heart health and health in general.

Get more active

Being on the move and doing regular exercise can help you to manage most modifiable risk factors: cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and weight. It will also help with depression, anxiety and stress.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke, quitting smoking can greatly reduce your risk of having another heart attack, not to mention other serious health problems. There are many different ways to quit and lots of support available. So even if you have tried before, give it another go, you can succeed.

Take care of your mental and physical health

Having a heart attack can impact on your confidence, energy levels and sleep, and your ability to cope with anxiety and stress. Taking care of these aspects of your health is important.

Take your medication

After your heart attack you will have been prescribed medication to help manage your risk factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure. There is strong evidence of the benefit of medication for people who have had a heart attack. You may understandably be unsure or worried about the prospect of having to take heart pills for the rest of your life. Find out more about the important role that medication plays in your recovery.

Take things one step at a time

Don't get disheartened. You can improve your health step by step.

Start by choosing something that is really important to you and that you want to do.

Continue the journey

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