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For most people a heart attack is a sudden event – a bolt out of the blue

But the damage to the coronary arteries that leads to a heart attack develops silently over many years. This damage is caused by the combined impact of a number of factors (called ‘risk factors’).

You’ll have heard about many of these risk factors – factors like smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight, stress, depression… There may be other things which you feel have contributed to your heart attack.

After a heart attack it is more important than ever to take steps to change your personal risk factors. Cutting down or cutting out your risk factors can help to slow or stop the damage to your coronary arteries and lower your risk of having another heart attack or its severity should it happen again. It can help prevent further heart problems and complications and make you feel better generally.

Learn more about your personal risk factors and the options you have to manage these by looking through this site, and by talking to your doctor, nurse or health care provider about the steps you can take to stay well.

People who have had a heart attack have an increased risk of having another one by about 20-25%.Dr Fraser Hamilton
Dr Fraser Hamilton
Frank talks about lifestyle changes he made to reduce his risk
Dr Fraser Hamilton talks about ways to reduce your risk
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Eating & drinking
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Are my family at risk?
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