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Medication has an important role to play in your recovery

After having a heart attack, you are likely to be prescribed medication to help your heart to recover and to help you to avoid further health problems.

Researchers around the world are constantly looking at the best ways to use medicines to improve our health. In New Zealand, this research evidence is used to inform clinical guidelines that support doctors in choosing the medication most likely to help the most people.

Every person is different, so your treatment may not always fit the guidelines and it might take a while for your doctors to work out the type and dose of medication that’s right for you.

Your doctor may recommend that you take regular medication, and you may also be taking several different types of medication. This can seem complicated and confusing at first – Remember, it is very important that you ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist about anything that you don’t understand.

Graham Lowe discusses the importance of medication after a heart attack.

How do you feel about taking medication?

Heart disease is a lifelong condition and for most people this will mean taking lifelong medication.

Common heart pills

Discover a list of common heart medication you may be prescribed and their intended purpose.

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