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By taking positive action, getting good information and working with your family you can recover from a heart attack and go on to lead a normal life

For some people, having a heart attack is a wake up call that gives them the incentive they needed to make changes and focus on achieving goals that they have been putting off for a long time.

For others, this means adjusting to a new normal and returning to life as they have always known it.

I'm much more aware now that I need to do things differently because I'm 50 and I want to be here when I'm 60 and most certainly when I'm 70. I want to see all my kids grow up and live a happy, fulfilled life.Darryl Evans
Darryl Evans
Graham Lowe talks about life after a heart attack.
Goal setting

Thousands of people with heart problems have used goal setting to change their lives and their health

Making it a habit

Replacing unhealthy habits with more healthy ones will provide you with a better quality of life


Keeping yourself motivated is a very difficult task

Continue the journey

Making it a habit
Discover how to maintain new healthy lifestyle changes
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Goal setting
Learn more about effective goal setting
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