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People who have experienced a heart attack are at much higher risk of having another one

If you have coronary heart disease you do have an increased risk of having heart problems, including heart attack in the future. However, you have an important role to play in your recovery. You can make changes to your lifestyle, take medications as prescribed and keep well informed about your condition. Taking these steps can make a real difference to you and your family. Attending a cardiac rehabilitation programme can give you, your family and loved ones the confidence and support to work together toward a healthier you. Some people even find that life after a heart attack can improve and be more fulfilling than before.

To find out more about cardiac rehabilitation.

Marie Young, Psychologist talks about looking forward to the future.

Making these changes can have a positive impact by:

lowering your chance of having another heart attack
improving quality of life for both you and your family/whanau
increasing your chance of survival
decreasing complications
improving your confidence

After a 12 week cardiac rehabilitation programme, I'm all done.

Discuss risk factors with my health professional

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