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It is normal to feel many emotions after being diagnosed with a heart problem.

This can be a time when all sorts of worries and anxieties crop up. Having got over the initial scare of having a heart attack, you may start having thoughts about what this event means for the future and practical realities of life. You may have a sense of relief that the treatment has helped your heart condition. You may be concerned about being able to do as much as prior to your heart event, or about having another heart event. You may be afraid of dying or even angry that this has happened to you. It is important to know that these are all natural feelings, however it is also important to talk about these feelings with family and loved ones, and your doctor.

It is normal to feel worried or anxious when you leave hospital and go home. Your family and loved ones may also be anxious or concerned about your recovery. Make sure you talk to your doctor or nurse about these feelings and what you can do, and encourage your loved ones to be involved.

Keith talks about his initial concerns about being able to go back to work and whether he would keep his job. His determination to change his future, so that he could there for his family and his realisation that he had support from family, the Heart Foundation and medical staff.
Returning to activities

It is important to pace yourself after a heart attack

Depression and anxiety

After you have had a heart attack you may feel stressed, and you could experience depression or anxiety

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    Many of us live day-to-day on a very tight budget

Will it happen again?

People who have experienced a heart attack are at much higher risk of having another one

Cardiac Rehabilitation

The goal of cardiac rehabilitation is to aid in your recovery following a heart event


Being relaxed is not the same as kicking your shoes off, lying on the sofa and having a drink


Stress is a perfectly normal part of life but if it becomes unmanageable or chronic, stress can lead to emotional, psychological and even physical problems

Continue the journey

Will it happen again?
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Cardiac rehabilitation
Getting back to as full a life as possible after a heart attack
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